Some photos of my sculpture

Updated portfolio!!

So, I’ve been COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with school!

BUT! some good things have happened. One, I have a piece exhibited on showusyourtype.comfor a piece I did for Hong Kong.

Two, I have updated my portfolio and have created some new pieces

Three, I am starting to get things in order to apply for internships. I actually finished my first intern application today! 😀


busy, busy, busy

Sorry that I hadn’t posted anything in nearly 3 weeks, I am taking a full load of summer classes so anytime that I am not doing homework I’ve just wanted to rest. BUT, that needs to change and I started this blog so I am going to keep it up. Please keep looking for new posts, THANKS!

Rich Brown

Sweet graphic designer/creative. Both his website and his portfolio are really nice!

Steven Emmanuel

Very interesting pieces. I’m not sure I fully understand the concepts portrayed through his work, but they’re definitely visually stimulating.

Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido

While I’m talking about modern architecture, I have to share this house that I found online. It’s so chic and clever, it’s just beautiful to look at. Definitely check out their website in the links section of the sidebar to see more awesome work!