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Rich Brown

Sweet graphic designer/creative. Both his website and his portfolio are really nice!


Steven Emmanuel

Very interesting pieces. I’m not sure I fully understand the concepts portrayed through his work, but they’re definitely visually stimulating.

Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido

While I’m talking about modern architecture, I have to share this house that I found online. It’s so chic and clever, it’s just beautiful to look at. Definitely check out their website in the links section of the sidebar to see more awesome work!

Gwathmey Siegel + Associates

So basically words can’t describe this architecture. It’s very modern and that’s all I can say, the rest is for you to see.

Philippe Apeloig

I’m sorry that it has taken so long to make another post, but summer school has recently started which has stunted my free time. I will do my best to make periodical updates (hopefully weekly).

ANYWAYS, this designer, Philippe, is awesome! He transforms his type into imagery. The compositions he creates are dynamic, colorful, fluid, and innovative. He has tons of his artwork on his website. Without further adieu, Mr. Apeloig’s work:

SHCH Graphics Group

This group has loads of talent with a signature style. These images are really the tip of the iceberg as far as the extent and breath of their portfolio goes. Definitely check out their website to see the complete collection!

Christo and Jeanne Claude

This tag team creates larger than life environmental art. Their portfolio is incredible, leaving the viewer to wonder how it is possible to create some of them. I am in awe of their inspiring and rare vision.