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Updated portfolio!!

So, I’ve been COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with school!

BUT! some good things have happened. One, I have a piece exhibited on showusyourtype.comfor a piece I did for Hong Kong.

Two, I have updated my portfolio and have created some new pieces

Three, I am starting to get things in order to apply for internships. I actually finished my first intern application today! 😀



Os Gemeos & Blu

Amazing graffiti artwork in Lisboa, Portugal. I don’t know how they can create something so huge and make it so flawless. The painted shadows really seem to make the figures pop! I especially like the crown that uses the attic windows. Look for the links to these artists in the sidebar.

Illustrations in My Current Portfolio

I haven’t taken too many graphic design classes yet because I just finished taking all of my introductory classes but, I have taken a few. My portfolio is about have illustrations half graphic design work right now with the graphic design work being the weaker of the two halves in my opinion. I would love feedback as to which of these I should keep in my portfolio or take out. I use a variety of media such as ink, colored pencil, watercolor, sharpies, and charcoal. Most of these works are very large, around 30x40inches.

Tara Donovan

The other day I went to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) with my family and there was a temporary exhibit that had just opened for Tara Donovan. She concentrates on installation sculpture and is terrific! She uses a spectrum of mediums and has installations that range from near-reliefs and rolling landscapes, to powerful, bold shapes that seem to be exploding in the room. I appreciate her use of space and the variety of textures represented in her work. It shows she’s got guts to experiment and to wander outside of her comfort zone. She is a native of New York and was born in 1969.